What is MGE

“Marine Genomics Europe” (MGE) is a crossroads between Life Sciences, Ecology, Environment, BioInformatics and High technologies within a multicultural European network.
MGE is a Network of Excellence devoted to the development, utilization and spreading of high-throughput approaches for the investigation of the biology of marine organisms.

Scientist working on an automatic sequencer at the Biological Station of Roscoff
credit photograph: Stephanie Ries

MGE is funded under the framework programme FP6 by the European Commission for the implementation of high-throughput genomic approaches in the biology of marine organisms. “Marine Genomics Europe” will promote, develop, and spread throughout the European Union a broad range of genomic approaches, to investigate a wide range of questions related to the functioning of marine ecosystems and to the biology of marine organisms. With this aim in view, experts in genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics from several Centres of Excellence in genomics in Europe network with marine biologists who can make use of high-throughput genomics data. This involve the dedication and the development of common research infrastructures, both in genomics and in marine biology. Joining together these distinct scientific communities will establish Europe’s lead in marine genomics.

MGE unites 44 institutions from 16 countries (within and outside Europe). MGE is aimed at promoting, developing, and spreading throughout the European Union a better understanding of the functioning of marine ecosystems and the biology of marine organisms. Moreover, MGE will establish databases of marine resources through large scale Biodiversity studies. About 450 scientists are involved in MGE.

The MGE Joint Programme of Activities is embedded in an overall management framework, helping in the leverage of integration and the decisive achievements in Jointly Executed research (JER).

The strategic and scientific management is ensured by the Scientific Steering Committee.
The advisory Intellectual Property Use and Dissemination Committee (IPUD) enables the Network of Excellence to develop a shared and harmonized approach to knowledge transfer and dissemination.