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A dive into the blues will reveal the truths about the debilitating environment beneath. Take a look to bring a positive change.
As several centuries passed by, the biodiversity dwindled significantly to lead some species into extinction.
Multiple resources are now being tested for their value, and you are only a few steps away from lending a helping hand.

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We aim at introducing projects that enable experts to exchange ideas that could work wonders for the marine world.

What is Marine Genomics Europe Network?
Information consolidation is increased in this project by bringing diverse scientific theories for the development of marine biology.

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We aim to bring together the splinters of knowledge for the highly efficient functioning of the technologies beneath the waters.

Multiple activities are being focused on in this project to maintain a perfect balance in biodiversity.

Some areas were researched with more scientific expertise to ensure higher quality projects and propositions.

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Marine Organisms That Serve as Models for Biomedical Research

Marine Organisms

Biomedical research has progressed through the years, and numerous developments have come from the same. As these findings have been effective, the results pinpoint towards new directions that can be followed to widen our understanding and expand our base of knowledge. In order to understand the extent to which the research has progressed, one must look into marine organisms that are used as models for the same purpose. So go ahead and read the following to get a better idea of the topic.

Sea Urchin

As an experimental model, Sea Urchins have been a part of the research for more than 100 years. These species tend to produce top qualities of large, clear eggs that tend to lack external coatings. But the main features of these eggs are their number and the synchronous division of cells after fertilization. Thanks to the immense opportunities that it puts forward, researchers make complete use of these eggs and have radiolabelled them to tag proteins that are synthesized during the first few cell divisions.



Toadfish comes into the picture, thanks to its vestibular system. While it was initially chosen for the study due to its broad flat head, researchers found more progressive results apart from the one they were looking for. As a result, the toadfish has remained a valuable part of the study, and its main role tends to be present in unravelling the neural control of balance and equilibrium. With fascinating results coming into the scene, the study is an expansive one.


Marine snail, Aplysia is another model that has successfully helped carry research forward and has been identified as an essential contributor in studying neurobiology and behaviour. Its brain is the main part as it is only made of 20,000 nerve cells, which is quite impressive considering the fact that the mammalian brain comprises around a trillion cells. With comparisons and other forms of analysis, researchers have found their calling with Aplysia, and it is an important one.

Horseshoe Crabs

Horseshoe Crab

Horseshoe crabs are mainly utilized to understand retinal function as their eyes have approximately 1000 photoreceptors. On the other hand, the human retina has more than 100 million, and thus the study stands to be important. Moreover, horseshoe crabs and other such organisms are essentially feasible for research as the tissue is accessible and can be removed from the animal. Due to that, researchers tend to carry forward the activity and ensure to get all that they need.


Be it Sea Urchin or Horseshoe Crabs, every single organism plays its part in research, and the model tends to be an important one. Due to that, we need to explore such aspects and develop our understanding on human achievements.

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